Enter more fully into God’s presence

Prayer has always been and always will be vital to a rich faith life. We lift our hearts and minds to God – bringing to him our sorrows and thanksgiving and listening attentively for his guidance. Keep your prayer life fresh and focused with a wide variety of inspirational and instructional books from OSV. From the rosary to special novenas, praying for the holy souls to prayers for the grieving, OSV offers books that will enliven your prayer life, drawing you closer to God.


Diving more deeply into God’s Word

God’s Word speaks to, nourishes, and guides us in our journey to him and his Church. OSV provides a wide range of Bibles so you can discover one that best fits your spirituality and personality. Bible studies allow you to read Scripture through the eyes of the saints or alongside helpful answers to tough questions. Be sure to explore our large selection of Bible studies and devotions so that you may, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church says, “Read the Scriptures within ‘the living Tradition of the whole Church.’”


Holy Role Models and Intercessors

Since the early days of the Church, Catholics of all ages have looked to the saints as true role models – examples of ordinary people who were able to live extraordinary lives thanks to faith in God. These heroes of the church can also intercede for us, praying in the presence of God for our needs. OSV offers a wealth of books about the saints and how they can impact our life through prayer, inspiration, devotion or even a better understanding of their life story.

Beloved Classics, Cherished Volumes

Experience true spiritual growth offered by some of the most beloved classics of the Church. In an ever-changing world, writings from authors like Thomas a Kempis and Teresa of Avila remain as relevant as ever. All Catholics can learn from these beautiful works and be inspired in our walk with God, no matter where they are in life. With inspiring introductions by contemporary Catholics, these volumes are beautifully bound and will be a treasure to collect.

Our Spiritual Mother and the First Disciple

Renew or deepen your devotion to the Blessed Mother with a variety of books from OSV. Here you’ll find books on why and how to pray the Rosary, understanding Marian apparitions, and consecration to Mary as well as children’s books, Bible studies, seasonal devotionals, and much more.

Wisdom and Teaching of our Holy Fathers

A great way to gain insight into our Church and the world is reading books by our Holy Fathers, the popes. Find books by and about Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope Saint John Paul II, and more.

Living and loving the Catholic faith

OSV is rooted in helping people learn about, live, and love their Catholic faith. It’s a concept we were founded on – that an educated and well-formed laity can make a huge difference in the world. You’ll find books and media that can help you understand your faith, live it out day by day, and share it with the world around you.


Helping you share the Good News

As Catholics we know we are all called to share the Good News, but sometimes we just need a little help in knowing how to explain our faith with grace and confidence. OSV is here to help. We offer a wide range of resources that will help you grow in your own understanding of the Faith so that you will be ready and able to share it with others. From theologians and renowned apologists to popular authors and speakers, you’ll find the perfect apologetics book that will suit your needs.


Understanding What the Church Teaches and Why

OSV has an unprecedented number of books and other resources to delve deeply into Church teachings. Discover trusted materials by experts that go beyond personal opinions and interpretation and focus solely on what the Church teaches and why. Access over 2,000 years of Church teaching through Scripture, Church documents, early writings of Church, Church fathers, and much, much more.

Seasons of Preparation, Seasons of Celebration

Lent and Advent are times of preparation and penance for Catholics, and many Catholics are seeking inspiration, motivation, and ways to grow in their faith during these two important seasons of our liturgical calendar. You’ll not only find books and media that can help with the preparation, but books that will help you truly celebrate Christ’s resurrection at Easter and his coming to us at Christmas.

Discover a Deeper Understanding of the Church

The Catholic Church’s 2,000 year history has been filled with love, truth and trial – and all of it contributes to what it means to be a Catholic today. Studying that history can bring a new level of understanding and love of Catholic teaching and traditions. From the early Church Fathers to today’s theologians and historians, OSV offers a variety of resources that reveal God’s saving plan in the history and traditions of the Church. You can also read compelling biographies about key men and women who have served the Church.

A little encouragement goes a long way

OSV offers many books and products that will uplift and encourage you as you walk the road of faith. Stories of the saints, journals, spiritual classics, how-to guides, parenting advice, conversion stories, personal development help, prayer, knowing God’s will – and much more. 


Taking care of mind, body, and spirit

Personal health and development is a part of living a fulfilling life, but, importantly, it frees us up to be open to hearing the voice of God and doing his will. That’s why OSV offers books that help Catholics work through improving their emotional, physical, social, and intellectual health. You’ll find books on hobbies like running and gardening, physical fitness and body image, home organization and ordered living, finding peace and work/life balance.


Building up your “domestic church”

Family is a beautiful gift from God, and as Catholics we want to cultivate and nourish our “domestic church” at home, whatever its shape or size. OSV publishes books that offer real-world solutions for strengthening Catholic marriages, family and parenting books that offer practical help and encouragement, and books that help families cope with a variety of issues with the help of their Catholic faith.

Becoming the man God made you to be

Catholic men of strong character and virtue are those men who stand out from the crowd. They are the men that are admired, imitated, and appreciated. They’re also very distinct. So OSV has developed a variety books for men that will appeal to your unique needs, wants, and interests (including great craft beer).

Nourishment for any woman’s journey in faith

Whether you’re married or single, younger or “of a certain age” OSV has books and media that will nourish you on your journey, inspire your creativity, strengthen your faith, and even push you outside your comfort zone, all with the goal of revealing the woman God intended you to be.

Formation, inspiration, and fun for Catholic children

OSV has a large and growing line of books, media, and gifts for children. From board books for toddlers, to story and picture books for kids, to coloring books and journals for tweens, to journaling Bibles for teens, you’ll discover lots of products that will help inspire their creativity while forming them in the Faith.

Connecting young people with the truth of Catholicism

While the teen and young adult years can be a wonderful time of exploration and discovery, they can also be a time when unanswered questions, unexplained doctrine, or societal pressures push them away from the Church. Armed with the right resources and support, our young Catholics can stay firmly planted in the Catholic faith for a lifetime.

Movies, cartoons, educational videos, and more

Did you know? OSV carries many DVDs for Catholics of all ages! Looking to teach your children about the faith in a fun and engaging way? Need to better understand the teachings of the Church or the Sacraments? Want to kick back and watch a wholesome Catholic film? Look no further than OSV.

Listening to God through music and the spoken word

Music and other audio offerings from OSV can help Catholics learn to listen for the voice of God. Children’s music CDs teach them about the faith, the saints, and the Church. Other offerings in our lineup help Catholics grow closer to God in prayer.