OSV Increased Offertory Program is designed to minimize the burden on parish staff while implementing a professional program to increase contributions. The OSV Team will guide you through the process and the full program. We also work with you to sustain the results through all of your offertory tools, ranging from offering envelopes to Online Giving. Experience these benefits and more: 

  • Reinforce unity between financial commitments and parish mission
  • Increase engagement of the parish community
  • Activate the all-inclusive service
  • Print and digital materials customized for your parish
  • Realize increases an average of 8-12% for year 1 OVER last year’s


Hear from pastors across the country as they discuss how the OSV Increased Offertory Program has helped to not only increase their offertory, but increase stewardship in all aspects at their parishes.

[The OSV Increased Offertory Program] isn’t a fundraising campaign. We’re trying to change how you look at your every day life. Every decision you make each week. And is God the first thought or is God the last thought? It’s because of teaching [our parishioners] that this is what we’re expecting to give back to God, and the whole education and spiritual component of it is why I think it’s been so successful.
Fr. Mike Ingram
Pastor | St. Teresa of Avila | Groveland, TX