Mission Pathways is an integrated platform to create and implement your evangelization and discipleship plan – without losing sight of your people. It empowers parish and diocesan staff and volunteers to establish the processes that build joyful, missionary disciples.


  Imagine being known as the parish where people encounter Christ

  Imagine engagement exploding as parishioners invite guests, and new volunteers serve from their gifts.

  Imagine elevated participation resulting in increased giving to support the mission of your parish.


With Mission Pathways you can gain insight into a person’s faith journey, send targeted invitations and communications, discover new leaders based on gifts and involvement, and identify those no longer participating and reach out.

Mission Pathways gives me the ability to see where a particular person is in their formation and on the path of discipleship.
Shayne Slough, Director of Parish Life
St. John the Evangelist


Mission Pathways equips your parish with the tools to help individuals encounter Christ and grow as disciples:

  1. Enter your discipleship plan.
  2. Launch evangelization events, facilitate discipleship groups.
  3. Track progress towards goals – know what’s working, and what’s not.
  4. Lead parishioners and guests to grow deeper in faith.


Mission Pathways can also be used as your CRM for effective evangelization and discipleship across your diocese, organizations, or programs. We call this the “Mission Pathways Enterprise Edition” – the solution that empowers you to stay organized and manage relationships effectively as you build God’s kingdom and inspire transformation.

  • Support your parishes as they implement evangelization and discipleship plans
  • Promote communication and foster collaboration across your diocese
  • Keep track of key information, team members, and their goals
  • Save time as you empower your staff to work together on key priorities
I especially like the ability to place people in small groups and the ability to send mass emails to the participants and volunteers. I also appreciate that we have historical records of participants from past programs that require registration.
Pam Timmerman, Alpha® Coordinator
St. John Neumann Catholic Parish, Michigan

The Encounter software module is one comprehensive tool to facilitate in-person, online and hybrid evangelization events such as Alpha® and ChristLife™, and so much more. You can coordinate logistics, participants, and volunteers and evaluate effectiveness based on trend data and feedback.

Encounter is your answer to “spreadsheet proliferation” and disconnected tools like Sign-Up Genius and Google Forms. It also ensures that the information you gather now will be actionable in the future to help you build relationships and identify volunteers.


As participants transition from Encounter events, be prepared to guide them toward deeper faith. The Grow software module builds upon Encounter to help you facilitate groups and related events.

Easily track groups and launch new initiatives, Grow provides the means to accompany participants and leaders to take the next step in faith.


The Accompany module in Mission Pathways provides you with a personal snapshot of where individuals are at in their discipleship journey, what their strengths are, and how they might be best invited to deepen their commitment to the faith.


Inform is your center to identify future leaders and trends in involvement; and to evaluate overall effectiveness. Giving you the ability to measure what many believe is immeasurable: fruitfulness in sharing the Gospel and growing joyful missionary disciples at your parish.


Finding new leaders based on their history of involvement and gifts, reaching out to past participants to invite them to the next step, and building contact lists – the Find People feature gathers all your people data and makes it actionable.


From the percentage of parishioners who are actively engaged, to the number of people transitioning from evangelization events to the next step in discipleship – Inform Dashboards takes your information from the Encounter and Grow modules and translates it into meaningful metrics to help you measure effectiveness from many different perspectives.