OSV Websites were built with your parish in mind. We’ve created a solution that engages, informs, and inspires parishioners and new visitors alike to become actively involved with your parish and the Church. Consider your website a digital front door that is welcoming to new visitors and keeps current parishioners knowing they are truly included in all the happenings at the parish. With our simple and intuitive platform, even the least tech savvy staff member will be able to have your parish up and running on the internet in no time.


You can choose from one of our beautiful, full-width, mobile responsive templates or create a look of your own that reflects your parish’s personality with the ability to customize nearly every element. Our simple drag and drop platform allows your parish to create a stunning website without any technical expertise. In addition, we provide 30 prebuilt pages of content on the Catholic faith as well as regularly changing content from OSV’s newspaper and magazines, so you don’t have to always write your own. Benefits of OSV Websites include:


  Engage and inform parishioners

  Create a central location for parish events, ministries, and programs

  Welcome new visitors

  Connect to Online Giving for donations and contributions

  Eliminate the need for an app

  Enjoy outstanding customer service and support