OSV has been working with schools and parishes for decades. Our expertise in communicating and marketing to Catholics across the country is immense and our experience with fundraising for parishes and dioceses gives us a unique perspective on the needs of Catholic schools. As a Catholic not-for-profit company, OSV is sensitive to the needs of our Catholic customers as well as Catholic parents and can work to provide you with a full set of School Solutions.

  • Increase awareness in your community
  • Bolster enrollment
  • Significantly grow school revenue
  • Increase financial participation of parents, friends, and alumni
  • Improve donor engagement and cultivate major giving

A strong School Annual Fund is critical in today’s climate. Parishes have often reduced resources and are not able to subsidize their Parish Catholic school, Regional Catholic schools, or Diocesan Catholic schools with as much funding as in the past.

A School Annual fund will improve the financial stability of the school while engaging donors and families further into the mission of the school. Because of this connection to your school’s mission, a strong annual fund will also help connect your contributors during other giving requests throughout the year. Our best practices in development will not only help your school improve the funds you need but share more information about how students’ lives and faith are being changed in your school.


View the examples below of print materials created as a part of our School Annual Fund process as well as our State of the School Report. The OSV School Annual Fund is a six week process to expand philanthropic efforts, increase donors, and connect those donors to your school mission. The State of the School Report is a simple turnkey solution that provides transparency through status reporting and financial information and invests everyone more deeply with your school.

“I was impressed by what they [OSV] had to say … this was a raving success. We are approaching $30,000 raised! The documents are exceptionally well done.”

Kerry Sievert, Principal of Divine Savior School, Kiel, WI


The ultimate goal of Catholic Education is to build a strong, vibrant Catholic identity so students go beyond the boundaries of the school to live as missionary disciples in the world. Your choice of a religion curriculum can be a huge part of bringing this goal to fruition. A religion textbook will not make disciples or build Catholic identity in your school as if by magic. What the right selection of a curriculum can do is set the stage, provide a firm foundation and put the resources in the hands of teachers and students that inform their minds and form their hearts so that they eagerly use their hands in service. OSV’s programs were designed to systematically and intentionally do just that.