It’s exciting, exhilarating, and sometimes exhausting moment in an engaged couple’s life. Planning for their Catholic wedding. There are always questions – how to choose the readings and music, what’s involved in marriage preparation, where are Catholics allowed to get married, and more. Don’t worry. OSV has answers to these questions and lots more so you can relax and focus on the most important part of the wedding – your marriage.

A fun and faithful way for families to live the Catholic Faith

Teaching Catholic Kids, from OSV, is a valuable online resource for parents. Free downloadable activities and articles are updated each week and made available from the best of OSV books, workbooks and writers. The Teaching Catholic Kids newsletter helps parents plan their week with upcoming feast days, family faith ideas, and printables.

Teaching Catholic Kids is also the online home of our mini-magazine, Take Out: Family Faith on the Go. It’s a one-of-a-kind combination activity guide and support tool designed and written for busy families.


Homeschool Curriculum

Alive in Christ (Vivos En Cristo) and Encounter with Christ (Encuentro con Cristo) are an invaluable resources for parents homeschooling parents guiding their children through the catholic faith.


Join the Simply Catholic movement

Simply Catholic is an amazing online resource and community that has a simple purpose: to help Catholics know and love the Lord and his Church so that they may be equipped to share their Catholic faith with others. The website offers articles and series on topics from Scripture to theology to the basics of the faith. And, since it’s a ministry of OSV it’s content you know you can trust. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.