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This new venture allows OSV the opportunity to broaden its audience, content, and methods of delivery by bringing the Aleteia platform to the United States and beyond. The Aleteia digital platform includes web (aleteia.org), email newsletters, social media, smartphone and desktop notifications, and video distribution. Across all of its editions, Aleteia serves over 20 million monthly users, the majority in the 25-44 age range. Through this joint effort, Aleteia will have the opportunity to connect through OSV’s extensive distribution network which includes more than 90% of the Catholic parishes and every diocese in the United States.

“While this new partnership is exciting for both OSV and Aleteia, it’s most exciting for the Church,” states Joe Wikert, OSV Publishing President. “OSV plans to shepherd this resource in a way that all can benefit by bringing together the rich tradition of Our Sunday Visitor with Aleteia’s digital platform to present the beauty of the Catholic Faith to audiences in English and Spanish.”

“This partnership with OSV is a unique opportunity to grow our audience and develop our services in English and Spanish, the languages in which more than half of all Catholics around the world are praying,” declares Pierre-Marie Dumont, CEO of Aleteia. “With over a century of experience, OSV is bringing the vibrant dynamism and the creativity of the Catholic Church in the USA to our worldwide evangelization project.”

About Aleteia: Aleteia is an online publication distributed in eight languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Polish, and Slovenian). The Aleteia site offers a Christian vision of the world by providing general and religious content that is free from ideological influences. With more than 600,000 subscribers to its newsletter and more than 3.3 million fans on Facebook, Aleteia reaches 20 million unique visitors a month. Since its launch in 2013, the initiative has been supported by the Foundation for Evangelization through the Media (FEM), which began in Rome in 2011. Since then, Aleteia has developed a new editorial strategy focused primarily on information and lifestyle. Learn more at www.aleteia.org.

About OSV: As the leading Catholic publisher in the United States, OSV provides products and solutions to more than nine of every ten Catholic parishes and every Catholic diocese in the country. Founded in 1912 by Father John Francis Noll, the company continues to serve the Church through a wide range of products and services. From weekly and monthly publications, to software solutions, fundraising and consulting services, curriculum products, trade books, and parish publications, OSV helps individual Catholics, families, parishes and dioceses to grow closer to Christ and contribute to the growth and vitality of his Church in the world. A not-for-profit Catholic organization, OSV has been supporting the needs of the Church for over a century and will continue to listen to customers’ needs today and tomorrow. Learn more at www.osv.com.