Monsignor Charles Pope was ordained in 1989 for the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., after attending Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

There he received both a M.Div. and a Master’s Degree in Moral Theology. Prior to entering the seminary, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree from George Mason University in Virginia and worked briefly for the Army Corps of Engineers. During those years he was also a cantor, choir director, and organist in two Catholic parishes.

He has served in five different parishes in his twenty-nine years as a priest, eighteen of those years as pastor in two different parishes. He is currently the pastor of Holy Comforter – Saint Cyprian parish, and also a Dean in the Archdiocese. He has served on the priest personnel board, the Priest Council, and as one of the Consultors for the Archdiocese. Pastorally, he has served as the coordinator for the Legion of Mary and currently the coordinator for the celebration of the Latin Extraordinary Form of the Mass. He has given numerous retreats and talks for laity and clergy around the Archdiocese and, when time rarely permits, elsewhere in the country.

He has authored the blog for the Archdiocese of Washington for the past four years, which covers and discusses a very wide range of topics. Of special focus at the blog is the intersection of faith and culture. As our culture continues to manifest some very problematic trends, it is essential for us to understand how our faith and the teachings of the Church have wonderful and healing remedies for what ails us.

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Do you ever feel confused, befuddled, or just plain lost when it comes to the Catholic Faith? Do the teachings and practices of the Church leave you scratching your head? Then this is the book for you.

In Catholic and Curious: Your Questions Answered, Monsignor Charles Pope tackles 500 tough questions on just about every subject imaginable. In easily digestible question and answer format, this book covers everything from God and the Bible to the liturgy, the sacraments, Catholic moral teaching, Mary, the saints, and life after death, all organized by topic for quick reference. In this book you’ll find not just straightforward answers, but a deeper understanding and appreciation of the truth of the Catholic Faith.