Marcia Segelstein has been covering cultural and family issues for twenty-five years as a contributor for National Catholic Register and Senior Editor for Salvo magazine, and formerly as a columnist for OneNewsNow, a contributor to World Magazine and as a producer for CBS News.

For National Catholic Register Marcia writes a regular blog on cultural issues of interest to Catholic readers, especially parents. Her topics focus on raising Catholic kids in a secular world. For Salvo she writes a regular column called “Home Front,” in which she tackles issues facing parents today, from pornography to sex education. For her “Person of Interest” column Marcia interviews newsmakers on the cutting edge of the culture wars. Her interview subjects have included Lila Rose, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Eric Metaxas, Robert George, Cal Thomas and Maggie Gallagher. In her feature pieces for Salvo she has covered topics including post-abortion healing, reviving the virtue of chastity before marriage, and how new family structures endanger children.

At CBS News Marcia created, developed and produced a family issues feature that aired three times weekly on “CBS This Morning.” Prior to that, she was a Senior Producer on the CBS News Foreign Desk.

Marcia is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. She lives in suburban New York City with her husband. They have two twenty-something children.

Read her blog at National Catholic Register

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As a journalist, television news producer, writer, and editor, Marcia Segelstein has spent decades reporting on family-related issues. Her work has brought her face-to-face with troubling shifts in our culture away from Christian values — and the impact these trends are having on our children. As a mother, Marcia recognizes that these are more than news stories: they are a personal battle. And this is a battle every Christian parent today must be equipped to fight.

In Don’t Let the Culture Raise Your Kids, Marcia shows us how today’s parents need to be different — and why. She coaches parents to lead their children with confidence and authority, eyes wide open to the pitfalls and dangers that surround them, whether in the media, in school, or among their peers.

It’s not too late to raise Christian kids. It’s this simple: Don’t Let the Culture Raise Your Kids. Armed with the information provided in this book, you can start today.