Jason M. Craig writes from a small farm in Western North Carolina.

He is a convert to the Catholic Church and holds a masters degree in theology from the Augustine Institute. He is the co-founder of Fraternus, which is a fraternal organization that unites the men of a parish in brotherhood and then provides the framework for them to mentor the next generation. Craig is also the editor of ThoseCatholicMen.com and founder of St. Joseph’s Farm, which hosts retreats that helps men and their sons experience the joys and wisdom of traditional skills, crafts, and farming. Craig works alongside his wife, Katie, and their six children (five boys and one girl). He is also known to staunchly defend the claim that his family invented bourbon.

Visit his website at thosecatholicmen.com

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This is a question many men in our society today do not feel equipped to answer, because they were never initiated into manhood themselves. They do not know how to pass on authentic manliness to their sons, so boys get stuck in unending adolescence. Everyone suffers from the resulting crisis of male immaturity, and we see its effects everywhere in our society.

Leaving Boyhood Behind shows how we can actually do something to address this crisis. Author Jason Craig, cofounder of Fraternus, a Catholic mentoring program for boys, walks through each stage of initiation into manhood, helping readers understand:

  • What rites of passage are and why they are necessary for men
  • Christ’s own rites of passage and initiation
  • What it means for a young man to put away childhood
  • The importance of belonging vs. isolation in the life of men
  • The important role both mothers and fathers place in initiation
  • Discipline and the masculine identity
  • Living the ultimate rite of passage, and much more