Tommy Tighe

Tommy Tighe is the cohost of Repent and Submit on CatholicTV, the author of The Catholic Hipster Handbook, Catholic Hipster: The Next Level, and the coauthor of How To: Catholic Family and the Catholic Funny Fill-ins word game series with his wife Karen. He also hosts Saint Dymphna’s Playbook, a weekly podcast on the intersection of mental health and Catholicism, for Grexly, a division of CatholicTV. He lives with his wife, Karen, and their family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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#BlessedMother: How to Follow, Share, and Defend Mary in the World of Social Media

“Ah, would that I could proclaim throughout the whole world the mercy that you have shown to me! Would that everyone might know I should be already damned, were it not for Mary!” – Saint Louis de Montfort

We post, tweet, share, like, heart, double-tap, save, pin, and tag. Like it or “unlike” it, social media is an important way for Catholics today to share the Catholic Faith, including our devotion to the #BlessedMother. But as is often the case in social media, comments can be short, cutting, or downright hateful when friends or followers don’t understand our Marian devotion. And even the most confident Catholics can be at a loss as to how to respond.

In #BlessedMother: How to Follow, Share, and Defend Mary in the World of Social Media, author, podcaster, and TV show host Tommy Tighe helps Catholics defend and explain our relationship with Our Lady with wisdom and grace – in 280 characters or less.

#BlessedMother will:

  • Strengthen your relationship with #bvm
  • Reinforce your knowledge of what the Church teaches about Mary, and why
  • Heighten your understanding of Mary’s role in salvation
  • Show with clarity how Mary always leads us to Jesus (so “retweeting her is retweeting him”)
  • Deepen your prayer life with the #blessedmother
  • And more

Social media can be a powerful tool for sharing Christ, and Mary wants to be a part of that, through you.