Michelle Jones Schroeder resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She and her husband of twenty-one years are kept entertained and exhausted by their two hilarious children. After graduating from Louisiana State University, Michelle spent the first part of her professional life in marketing and management. After a few years at home with her kids, poor culinary skills led her to invent a kitchen product and start a small business. She is slightly obsessed with St. Pio of Pietrelcina and 1980s music, and is involved at Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Baton Rouge. She doesn’t have free time, but if she did, she’d enjoy a nap.

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Try to picture the person of the Holy Spirit. You’ll probably think of a dove, or a tongue of fire, or a gust of wind. While those are common symbols of the Third Person of the Trinity, they don’t quite capture who he is or help us relate to him like we relate to the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is a person, but he’s … not? This is confusing. So, he’s often left out of our conversation with the Triune God.

Author Michelle Schroeder totally understands the struggle. That’s why she wrote this quick-read guide to help you get to know the Holy Spirit intimately. You’ll learn:

  • How Scripture describes the Third Person of the Trinity
  • The names of the Holy Spirit — clues to his role in the Trinity
  • Why we need to get to know the Holy Spirit
  • Why we should talk to the Holy Spirit directly
  • How to recognize and respond to the Holy Spirit’s nudges
  • How a relationship with the Holy Spirit will change us

Let The Handy Little Guide to the Holy Spirit reveal the richness of a relationship with the entire, mysterious Trinity, and also to help you to be a beacon of light for others.