Fr. John S. Hogan

Father John S. Hogan, OCDS, is a priest of the Diocese of Meath in Ireland, and a member of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites. He has served in parish ministry, teaching, retreats, spiritual direction and broadcasting. He is founder of the Fraternity of St Genesius which prays for and supports those in the theatrical and cinematic arts. He is co-host of EWTN’s series Forgotten Heritage. As an author he has written on spirituality, Saints and history.


Thomas Becket: Defender of the Church

Who was Thomas Becket? The answer is as complex as he was.

Deacon; priest; archbishop; sometime royal chancellor; friend of the king; troublemaker; penitent; exile; turbulent enemy of the king; unyielding, ungrateful wretch; shepherd; martyr; saint; enigma.

Thomas Becket: Defender of the Church reintroduces this enigmatic saint and invites us to consider his background, his influences, his progress in ambition and office, and his personal struggle for holiness.

Fr. John S. Hogan transports us to twelfth-century Europe, the era that formed Thomas – times full of grandeur and chaos, complex relationships and political intrigue, sinfulness and virtue.

Along the way, this biography reveals the relevance Thomas’s life and struggle have to our own day. As secularism seeks to destroy faith, Catholics can turn to Saint Thomas for help. His is the story of every Christian; though the time and circumstances may differ, the struggle remains the same. Nine hundred years after his death, Saint Thomas Becket remains a man and a saint for our times.