Brett Salkeld

Brett Salkeld, Ph.D., is archdiocesan theologian for the Archdiocese of Regina, in Canada. He earned his Ph.D. in systematic theology from Regis College at the Toronto School of Theology and has a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Regina, where he studied to become a social studies and math teacher. He has worked with graduate and undergraduate education students and with Catholic teachers in various professional development settings. He lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, with his wife, Flannery, and their seven children.

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An authentic Catholic education does more than prepare workers for the job market or turn out model citizens. It forms people who can change the world — not in spite of their desire for God and their hope for heaven, but because of it. As a Catholic educator, you have a monumental task, but the good news is  that you’re not alone.

In Educating for Eternity: A Teacher’s Companion for Making Every Class Catholic, Brett Salkeld, Ph.D., explains the role of Catholic anthropology in education and accompanies Catholic teachers in integrating the Faith into all aspects of the curriculum. From math and science to health and social studies, every subject can and should be taught from a Catholic worldview. And in doing so the true purpose of Catholic education is fulfilled.

For teachers, this isn’t “one more thing” to do in the classroom — this is a new approach to everything you’re already doing in the classroom. No matter what class or age you teach, Educating for Eternity presents a truly effective way to explain and model eternal truths to your students.