Editor's Notebook — Violence rages as Pope pleads for peace; immigrants welcomed in Pittsburgh; the return of Albert Cutie; Pope Francis' keys to happiness. With conflicts raging around the world, Pope Francis issues a plea for peace to all embassies connected to the Holy See. 

A Catholic school and parish housing disabled children and elderly women is partly bombed in Gaza.

A law firm hired to investigate Minneapolis/St. Paul Archbishop John Nienstedt has finished its investigation and submitted a report to officials. 

A Pittsburgh institute draws praise and criticism for opening its doors to immigrant children from Central America.

The BBC reports that France is offering asylum to Christian refugees from Mosul, Iraq. 

A Catholic blogger shares how she was "stripped" after her conversion.

From the Deacon's Bench: (Father) Albert Cutié shows off his family on Oprah's "Where are they now?"

From CNS: Pope Francis takes ecumenism one step at a time.

Finally, here are Pope Francis' 10 Keys to Happiness.

Gretchen R. Crowe is editor of OSV Newsweekly. Follow her on Twitter @GretchenOSV.