Catholic leaders’ reaction to travel ban disappointing

Re: “Initial concern and opposition to refugee ban” (This Week, March 19-25).

It is distressing to note that some Catholic leaders seem to have abandoned scholasticism, which has always been the Church’s stock in trade. By questioning the “wisdom” of President Donald Trump’s limited immigration ban they display a shocking lack of wisdom.

Vulnerable populations have always been at risk, but what wisdom is it to permit relatively free immigration into the United States if it increases the vulnerability of its population? Yes, admit people when it is prudent to do so, but let the president honor his oath of office to protect this country by helping those he can without increasing our vulnerability.

It is sufficiently sad that some jurists seem to have lost responsibility and sense of direction, but it is unthinkable that some Catholic leaders have abandoned thinking logically before issuing poorly considered opinions although kindly intended. The end still does not justify the means.

Edward A. Rohde, St. Louis

Boy Scouts

Re: “Boy Scouts to admit transgender youth” (Feb. 26-March 4).

The recent story on the Boy Scouts of America deserves more journalistic investigation. Exactly how does a Catholic unit affirm its beliefs? Can the unit deny membership to a professed homosexual?

I respectfully suggest that troop and pack committees formally adopt a resolution affirming the unit’s Catholic identity and incorporate meaningful Catholic activities in the unit’s programming. These committees should keep a wary eye on the national organization.

When does the frog leave the pan of boiling water?

When do you leave a bad situation — one that has begun following an evil course, one which is tending toward more evil, one that you are unable to change? Do you show tacit support of these untruths by remaining in the BSA? At a certain point, the “our voice is valuable” rationale for staying with the BSA starts to wear thin and sounds out of touch with reality.

Todd Volker, Ottawa, Illinois

Trump and the media

Re: “Dangerous territory” (Editorial, March 5-11).

Regarding the editorial criticizing President Donald Trump’s tweet that the media are the enemy of the American people, perhaps his statement was bold. Trump comes from an era I grew up in when you observe something wrong, you say it like it is; however, in this day and age of political correctness, such oversensitivity lends to soft reporting or generally politically motivated vile reporting by anonymous sources.

The media has become its own worse enemy. The constant bombastic and disrespectful reporting from the media towards this president assures me I will not believe what they report any longer. There is no real vetting to ensure what is reported is legitimate. Unfortunately some people believe what they read, rather than investigate anything that appears questionable.

We need to pray for honest journalism.

G. McAuliffe, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Democrats for Life

Re: Pro-life Democrat’s modest proposal” (March 12-18).

I urge Democrats for Life to continue recruiting pro-life candidates on the local and state level, but since most Democrats support legal abortion without significant restrictions, I doubt there’s much hope for candidates at the national level. Bob Casey Jr. from Pennsylvania supports Roe v. Wade despite calling himself pro-life. Also, Casey favors continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood. I can confirm these facts since I’m a constituent of Casey’s, who sadly has abandoned the pro-life, “pro-poor” views of his late father, Gov. Bob Casey, Sr.

Tim Donovan, Prospect Park, Pennsylvania
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