Childhood prostitution causes untold damage

Re: “The push to decriminalize child prostitution” (News Analysis, March 5-11).

Sex with minors is not a victimless crime. These children are usually scarred for life, according to the sociological literature on the subject. They can become either sexually frigid or promiscuous and will probably have trouble keeping a stable relationship. It impacts their entire life. It has long been the aim of child predators to make pedophilia a lawful act. So I am not happy to see this law passed. As long as it’s just the children who are not prosecuted, that’s OK, but they still need a lot of therapy. I think it takes a lot of prayer. Abused children often become atheists, because they do not want to relate to any “father figure,” which includes God. So they are repulsed by a Father God. These are some of the things I learned when running a social sciences library. The problems generated by child abuse are significant.

Brenda Ziser, via online comment

Political parties

Re: “Pro-life Democrats’ modest proposal” (News Analysis, March 12-18).

I was a registered Republican for nearly 60 years. For the last few years I became disgusted with the anti-environment and anti-immigration rhetoric coming from the party. But the pro-choice stance of the Democrats turned me off.

So when I recently moved and had to reregister to vote, I switched to independent. That didn’t solve who to vote for, though. I read about the American Solidarity Party in OSV and am looking into it. It appears to be what I’m looking for, but it is so small that it might not make a difference today. But we need to pray that small changes can lead to major upheavals in our democracy.

Ed Reuscher, via online comment

Boy Scouts

Re: “Boy Scouts to admit transgender youth” (News Analysis, Feb. 26-March 4).

Reading this article, it was disturbing to me to see how the Boy Scouts of America have lost their moral compass over the past few years. Having served as a Scout leader helping many Scouts along the way experience what Scouting has to offer, I am now distancing myself from that organization. Looking around I would encourage parents and family members to consider a different group called Trail Life USA.

Until the Boy Scouts of America get back to their moral roots — duty to God and country, duty to others and duty to self — the youth of today will suffer the consequences of political correctness even when they try to enjoy the great outdoors and grow to be good citizens.

J. Barrett, Johnson City, Tennessee

Media’s responsibility

Re: “Dangerous territory” (Editorial, March 5-11).

For the sake of accuracy, note that the media initiated what is a war — not a feud — by exceeding the bounds of simple reporting from the very beginning of Donald Trump’s candidacy. In any war, it is essential to know your enemies — or suddenly find yourself conquered — and to effectively counter their attacks.

Neither “free press” nor “freedom of expression” bestows the privilege of engaging in intentional misleading content, outright falsehood or attempted deception. With my freedom of expression, I may call a 7-foot, 375-pound linebacker a dirty name. I may also logically expect serious alteration of my facial characteristics.

The incivility rampant today is largely due to individuals (among which I count myself), in print and broadcast media, talking too much about too many things with insufficient, inaccurate data. Attending strictly, concisely and accurately to news would serve the nation and the media better.

Edward A. Rohde, St. Louis

Faithful couple

Re: “Keeping the faith after life-changing accident” (Faith, March 5-11).

Thanks for sharing the story about this couple and their amazing ability to accept God’s grace for their life. They model so much love and trust.

Kate Ernsting, via online comment
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