8 practical ways to live the merciful way

The following practical ways to live the merciful way are offered to you as ways that work. I know these work, not only from my own experience but from that of many holy men and women living today and those who have gone before us — especially St. Faustina.

Try them. You'll like them!

1. Sacraments (God's solemn oaths). Make frequent and regular use of the sacraments.

  • Holy Mass — frequently and even daily if possible. "The most solemn moment of my life . . ." (Diary, 1804).
  • Reconciliation (Confession) — regularly, monthly, or even weekly. Not only are our sins forgiven in this sacrament, but we are also healed and taught and made more sensitive to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (see Diary, 291 and 377). "In the tribunal of mercy . . . the greatest miracles take place [and] are incessantly repeated" (Diary, 1448).
  • Eucharistic Adoration: During her working day, St. Faustina used every free moment to stop before the Blessed Sacrament and visit the Lord. She also spent special holy hours of adoration interceding for other people, especially for those lost in sin.
  • Spiritual Communion — If Holy Mass and the Blessed Sacrament are not available to you through the day, you can make repeated "spiritual communions." For a short moment (15 seconds to 1 minute), stop and turn to Jesus, who is present in your heart. "In your hearts reverence Christ as Lord" (1 Pt 3:15). Be present with your heart to the One who is present! No words are necessary — only love, thanksgiving, and adoration.

2. Prayer Time.

  • Take time each day. Take time in your prayer corner to be with the Lord.
  • Take time for silent presence to the Lord.
  • Take time for your favorite devotional prayers.
  • Take time for reading Sacred Scripture, especially the Gospels and Epistles.
  • Take time for offering and entrusting your pains, your intentions, and your concerns to the Lord.

3. "Jubilate" with Jesus in the Holy Spirit (see Lk 10:21).

  • When Jesus rejoiced in the Holy Spirit, He thanked and adored the Father, He "jubilated," He sang psalms: "And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives" (Mt 26:30), singing the traditional Hallel (Psalms 114-118).
  • Like David, Jesus would have jubilated (see Lk 10:21) by dancing in praise of the Father.
  • We, too, can jubilate in the Holy Spirit and dance and sing with Jesus to the glory of God the Father.
  • The way to the Father's house is a three-step dance with Jesus, following the three steps of Jesus' death, resurrection, and reigning.
  • We, too, can dance with Jesus as we die to self, rise by the Spirit, and reign with Him.
  • In our times of misery and tribulation (see Rev 1:9), dance the three steps of the merciful way with Jesus:
1. I Trust in Jesus (or Entrust to Jesus).
2. I Rejoice in the Holy Spirit.
3. I give Thanks to the Father with Jesus in the Holy Spirit.

  • I Trust (Entrust) / I Rejoice / I Thank are repeated over and over as we are led by Jesus, higher and higher, to the house of the Father (see Jn 14:1-2).
  • Trust and Thanks: "T 'n' T" is an explosive combination. It's dynamite! you will "exalt with all your heart" (Zeph 3:14). You will jubilate!

4. Live the ABCs of Mercy.

  • Ask for His mercy.
  • Be merciful.
  • Completely trust in Jesus!
Pocket Guide to Divine Mercy
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5. Glorify the mercy of God in and with the heart of Jesus.

6. Pray unceasingly: JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU!

To pray St. Faustina's exclamation of trust is to pray without ceasing our "yes," our fiat, with Mary, Mother of Mercy. It is to express our faith, hope, and love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is to express our abandonment "to the truth of the word of the living God, knowing and humbly recognizing 'how unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways' (Rom 11:33)" (Pope John Paul II, Mother of the Redeemer [1987], n. 14).

7. Tell others of the merciful way (and evangelize by praying and even singing).

  • Turn to mercy now and with even greater trust, and you'll find joy, joy, joy.
  • Receive His mercy now with ever greater thanks, and you'll find joy, joy, joy.
  • Share His mercy now with ever great love, and you'll find joy, joy, joy.

This is the way to live the Magnificat of Mary!

8. Live the merciful way.

  • It is the way for the third millennium.
  • It is God's gift for our time.

Father George W. Kosicki is a popular writer on Divine Mercy.

This is an excerpt from "A Pocket Guide to Living the Divine Mercy."