Opening the Word: Gift unto the end

Opening the Word: Gift unto the end In entering his passion willingly, Christ showed that humanity’s worst could not ...

“He Emptied Himself”

“He Emptied Himself” What does the self-emptying of Christ mean?


Suffering The joy of sharing in the sufferings of Jesus

'Young Messiah' imagines Jesus' early life

'Young Messiah' imagines Jesus' early life New film explores Christ as a child who is still coming to terms with his divine nature

When Jesus 'passes by'

When Jesus 'passes by' Throughout Scripture, the term is used when God reveals himself to us and calls us to ...

Christ's hidden years

Christ's hidden years Practical and theological reasons could account for why the Gospels don’t report more ...

Perfectly human

Perfectly human As we are modeled after God, and not the other way around, Jesus is fully human in his ...

Joyful lessons from a babe found in a manger

Joyful lessons from a babe found in a manger This is how stories that begin in fear end in joy.

The Nativity

The Nativity Reflections on the Nativity of Jesus for priests

Jesus Came to Divide?

Jesus Came to Divide?

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