Mass Readings: Acts 9:1-20/John 6:52-29

Saying ‘Yes’

Today’s first reading begins after Saul’s conversion; he’s sitting in Damascus, blind. Now God appears to a disciple named Ananias and tells him to go lay his hands on Saul so he can regain his sight. Ananias objects, informing God about the terrible things Saul has done to Christians. God says, “Really? I didn’t know that. OK, forget it.” No, no. God doesn’t say that. The One who knows all things certainly knows the suffering that Saul has caused. He tells Ananias, “Go, for this man is a chosen instrument of mine.”

I like Ananias because I, too, sometimes moan, complain, and argue with God when I sense His call to a particular ministry or task. But I also like him because of what he eventually does: By his actions, he says “yes.”

Prayer: Living Word, help me to ultimately say “yes” to what You ask of me.