Grasp the gift of indulgences

Grasp the gift of indulgences Widely misunderstood doctrine is rooted in the Church’s authority to ‘bind’ and ‘loose’

Mental reservation

Mental reservation Deception, even for very good reason, is always a sin, but we can still rely on God’s ...

Absolution of sins

Absolution of sins While Mass and true contrition wipe away venial sins, confession is still vital to the ...

Ripple on the pond

Ripple on the pond Sin is never a solitary act; it affects actions and people, causing unforeseen ...

Jesus among sinners

Jesus among sinners Scripture shares how Jesus’ ministry was among sinners; the same is true today in the ...

Is lying always wrong?

Is lying always wrong? The Bible and the Church never praises lying, even when there are good intentions ...

Opening the Word: Restored communion

Opening the Word: Restored communion Family relationships, broken by the fall, are renewed by Christ as instruments of ...

Public consequences

Public consequences We know there is a collective moral fabric because every sin, no matter how ‘private,’ ...

Pope says he's saddened by 'perfect' Catholics who despise others

Pope says he's saddened by 'perfect' Catholics who despise others

God the Father

God the Father While not physically male or female, we are humbly bound to refer to God in ways he ...

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