Lent survival tip No. 11: Kick sin to the curb

This week, try fasting from sin. Craziness? Maybe, maybe not. Christians really are supposed to do this all the time. But, then again, the human race is rather fallen, and “little,” petty sins happen all the time. So make it realistic: Pick one sin.

Take one sin that you really struggle with, and ask for the grace to rid yourself of that sin. Grit and determination will only take you so far; make sure you pray and ask for help. On the practical side, here are five ways to help kick that sin to the curb:

  1. Give up a habit, interaction or location that frequently leads you to commit that sin
  2. Post reminders or ask the people around you to hold you accountable
  3. Find the related virtue and focus on growing in it
  4. Read about a saint who struggled with the same type of sin
  5. Go to confession, talk to a priest and ask him to help you make a plan

Each week during Lent I am sharing a quick tip on each of the three disciplines of the season: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. So tune in throughout the coming weeks for more ideas! We've hit the halfway point with Laetare Sunday, so keep it up!

Jennifer Rey is the web editor of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing.