You'd think that a country like ours that prides itself on equal rights for women would treat its girls better.

Not so. The latest example is a federal judge's decision last month to order the Food and Drug Administration to make Plan B "emergency contraception" available to 17-year-old girls without a prescription or parental consent.

And the judge also ordered the FDA to consider doing the same for even younger girls.

The judge framed his decision as the triumph of science of political partisanship.

Actually, he ignored the facts: There have been no scientific studies on the long-term health risks of the drug for women, let alone teens. But there is scientific evidence -- from a 1990s study in Scotland according to the Family Research Council -- that greater use of Plan B does not lower abortion rates.

There are other dangers, too. Plan B might be given to women, especially minors and those who are sexually abused, under coercion.

Is this really how our country should treat women?