In a Spiritual Rut?

In a Spiritual Rut? A dozen ways to get out

Resources at a Glance

Resources at a Glance From documents on the liturgy to vesture, insignia, protocol and ceremony

Seeking the Face of God

Seeking the Face of God Prayer continually changes us as God helps us to grow

Liturgical Celebration in a Multicultural Parish

Liturgical Celebration in a Multicultural Parish 'How can I serve all my people effectively?'

Self-Knowledge and Prayer

Self-Knowledge and Prayer ‘To thine own self be true’

A Sign of Truth and Joy

A Sign of Truth and Joy Homily Background for Fourth Sunday of Lent - Year A

‘The Hours’ Challenges

‘The Hours’ Challenges Those books become not only a Liturgy of the Hours, but a history of our lives

The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John A bird's-eye view

‘I Turned Age 70...’

‘I Turned Age 70...’ When must you withdraw retirement savings money?

Pattern for Priestly Prayer

Pattern for Priestly Prayer Part II: conversion of the cactus

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