The Edith Stein Foundation:

The Edith Stein Foundation’s mission is to advocate the dignity of women through fostering a non-contraceptive culture. They seek to expose the profound and tragic effects that contraception has had on women and therefore society as a whole. They are working to organize activist groups on high school and college campuses throughout the country. Among their primary projects, ESF groups are emerging programs to educate and mobilize students in support of a non-contraceptive approach to reproductive health. Through ESF groups, students organize events on and off campus to raise public awareness about fertility-based and non-contraceptive reproductive rights, educate young people about sexual health, work with and support their local NFP and integrated health centers and mobilize advocates of holistic women’s wellness. 

The Guiding Star Project:

The Guiding Star Project is a nonprofit organization run by experienced mamas and faithful women working together to unite the pro-life movement around women and families, while espousing Pope John Paul II’s New Feminism. The goal of the Guiding Star Project is to establish comprehensive centers nationwide that uphold natural law and promote a New Feminism. They aim to do this through assisting communities in the collaboration of their pro-life resources. These centers will be homes to health care providers, non-profits and other related businesses whose goal is to help women appreciate their genuine femininity and embrace the culture of life. 

Living the Sacrament Blog:

Living the Sacrament launched in January 2011 as the go-to forum whenever there were questions about NFP, but now the panel expanded its efforts. They have added blogging to their site in an effort to answer commonly asked questions, keep their members updated on their newest developments and share how using NFP relates to daily life. They’re also helping users spread the NFP word by adding a “Printables” section to their blog that will allow users to print off NFP information items (pamphlets, fliers and bulletin inserts) and customize them to their local area. 


iuseNFP is a upcoming website designed by women for women to communicate the importance of NFP. It is a nonreligious, nonsectarian site encouraging women to take pink back from Planned Parenthood and modernize the presentation of NFP. (Editor’s note: Katie Merando is cofounder of this site.) 


1flesh is a brand-new site brought to you by a group of college-aged kids, one of them being Marc Barnes, known for his blog Bad Catholic, who state that “they want sexy back.” It is a collaborative effort of young people speaking out against a contraceptive culture. It uses information from sociology, medicine, philosophy and economics to prove that contraception isn’t the cure-all pill it was promised to be.