Editorial: Illuminated by virtue

Editorial: Illuminated by virtue The Church’s witness done right connects people’s minds and hearts with the deeper ...

How to foster empathy

How to foster empathy Listening to and trying to understand those with whom we have a hard time identifying ...

Seeing red? Remember temperance is a virtue

Seeing red? Remember temperance is a virtue Moderation is key to treating our bodies as the temples God gave us

Opening the Word: Perfect humility

Opening the Word: Perfect humility While the disciples argued about who was greatest, Christ gives the greatest example ...

Definition questions

Definition questions The meanings of some words found in the Bible change depending on the particular text

Temperance in the modern world

Temperance in the modern world This forgotten virtue offers a practical way to live lives of social responsibility ...

'In persona Christi'

'In persona Christi' Though the priest acts in the person of Christ, he still needs the grace of receiving ...

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