The Yoke of Discipleship

The Yoke of Discipleship Unpacking the wisdom of Christ in Matthew 11:25-30

The Beauty of Collaboration

The Beauty of Collaboration Working together to build up the Church of tomorrow

The Belief of St. Thomas

The Belief of St. Thomas How Christ used the ‘doubting’ apostle’s hesitancy for our good

The Spirit of St. Benedict

The Spirit of St. Benedict Priests can learn much from the saint’s monastic Rule

Revisiting ‘Humanae Vitae’

Revisiting ‘Humanae Vitae’ 50 years later, encyclical on sexuality is as relevant as ever

Nourishment in the Intimacy of the Mass

Nourishment in the Intimacy of the Mass Mass holds immense opportunity for a priest’s personal growth

Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times Catchy road signs can help parishes stand out, evangelize

Feeding Our Flocks

Feeding Our Flocks Food plays an essential role in our priestly ministries

Little Fishers of the Amazon

Little Fishers of the Amazon Rediscovering the attitude of Christ in an unexpected place

Our Capital Sin

Our Capital Sin Envy can be rampant among priests; here are ways to combat it

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