Mass Readings: Exodus 12:1–8,11–14/1 Corinthians 11:23–26/John 13:1–15

Ugly Feet

It’s the custom in my parish to have the washing of the feet as part of the Holy Thursday liturgy. Since I have ugly, old-man feet, I wear socks with my sandals not to make a fashion statement, but to hide my naked feet. So, I usually pass on the washing in church.

One recent year, however, I apparently “volunteered” to sit with 11 others in the sanctuary so that the celebrant could wash my feet. As he approached, my embarrassment peaked. Then he lovingly washed my feet and gently dried them, seeming not to notice my ugliness. This must have been what the disciples, even Judas, experienced when their Master humbled himself. If Jesus could bring himself to wash even the feet of His betrayer, I thought, He can wash mine.

Prayer: Jesus, Master, teach me to be a servant like You.