I need to find my marching shoes

I attended the March for Life with Franciscan University of Steubenville when I was a freshman. It was, quite frankly, cold, exhausting (namely, overnight bus trips), loud and chaotic, and I confess I have not gone on a march since then.

I guess it was not exactly what I was expecting (reverent, somber, prayerful), so I determined my time would be much better spent praying during the march rather than aimlessly rambling down a loud street.

But as I have watched marches pass, watched the coverage and read and listened to people’s stories, I have realized that the energy is at its heart. It is a movement that belongs to the young, to me. And no matter how miserable, being a witness to life is really worth it.

I regret not attending the march again as a student. It is harder now to attend as a young working professional, but I guess that really is no excuse. Although it is really cold. Maybe I should go to the Walk for Life West Coast. It looks warm. Check out this video, get excited, and whether east or west, hot or cold, pleasant or dismal, get those marching shoes on.


Jennifer Rey is the web editor of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing.