Mass Readings: Acts 11:1-18/John 10:11-18

‘Always Something’

My mother was a perfectionist. Whenever anything went wrong with our house she would sigh, “There’s always something.” Meanwhile, her mother (my Nanna) would read a newspaper and sigh, “What’s the world coming to?” Today Acts describes a situation where Nanna would have said, “What’s the Church coming to?” Peter had recently baptized some Gentiles, and Jewish Christians were distressed that “the uncircumcised” could become Christian without first becoming Jewish. Plus, later in Acts we read about problems large and small where Mom would’ve said, “There’s always something.”

Indeed problems existed back then and still do today. How can we avoid losing heart in the face of Catholicism’s struggles? I like what Pope John XXIII would do: He would pray about some serious situation then say to God, “It’s Your Church. I’m going to bed.”

Prayer: Lord, thank You for the Church. I place it in Your loving hands.