The Mystical Body of Christ

The Mystical Body of Christ We are called to perfection and holiness, requisites for connection with the Mystical Body

A Couple of Queens

A Couple of Queens Matilda, Wife of William, and Eleanor of Aquitaine

Priests Need to Study

Priests Need to Study Because ignorance will alienate you from God and people

Last Things for June 2014

Last Things for June 2014

The Bishop

The Bishop Participating in the fullness of Christ’s Priesthood

God’s Compassion

God’s Compassion Homily Background for Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

They Have Run the Race!

They Have Run the Race! (Mostly) old priests on retreat

In the Beginning...

In the Beginning... God did not create the universe in six days — or did He?

Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools What are we promoting?


Fear The true enemy of the pro-life movement

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