Tweet less, talk more

Tweet less, talk more In his message for World Communications Day, Pope Francis asks us to focus more on our ...

Editorial: The March blackout

Editorial: The March blackout No other civil rights movement can boast such a remarkable persistence and yet ...

New year, new priorities

New year, new priorities For a less stressful 2015, clear your calendars, turn off your devices and tune into ...

Baby Shane's parents embrace the dignity of life Nearly 1 million on Facebook followed the inspirational story

Project shares beauty of Faith practices

Project shares beauty of Faith practices Mother-daughter duo evangelizes by developing a ‘field guide’ to living a meaningful ...

Untangling the Catholic Web

Untangling the Catholic Web We help you navigate the best sites for news, resources and opinions about the Faith

Incredible strength at only 58 pounds

Incredible strength at only 58 pounds Despite being unable to gain weight, motivational speaker and author Lizzie Velasquez ...

Editorial: The grace of pain As Catholics, we’re called by our faith to move beyond victimization to something more ...

Editorial: Digital encounters

Editorial: Digital encounters We must extend ourselves further by creating community in the digital world, and by ...


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