Theology courses still at the core of Catholic curriculum They remain vital to sustaining a school’s identity, students’ faith at institutions ...

Top Ten reasons to send your children to Catholic schools Catholic schools remain a sound investment for families who take their Catholic faith ...

Wanted : A few good, spiritually strong men Radio priest calls on men to become loving and wise servant leaders

Accent on better relations between international pastors and parishioners For foreign-born priests, training opens clearer communication lines

Minor seminaries: Are they making a comeback? A youth movement in vocations indicates these seminaries could make a comeback

Unusual scholarships show Catholic students the money Is your last name Zolp? You're in luck at Loyola University in Chicago

Catholic college commencement messages: Find reasons for hope Last spring's graduation keynoters urged students to seek opportunities during crisis

How to lead like Christ, Catholic-style Book shows how being a good steward is intertwined with roles of servant and shepherd

Pro-life preacher knows cost of discipleship This pastor does more than preach from the pulpit -- he is taking a stand against ...

Same-sex marriage: a trend to sweep the nation? Despite losses, the fight for traditional matrimony still eclipses homosexual unions

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