Last Things for November 2010

A Novel for Dog Owners Shaggy dog tale in the north woods is a good yarn of tragedy and self-discovery

Another Year for Priests Needed!

Reaching Out to Those Who Are Lonely Priests can help people deal with periods of loneliness.

Christ's Gift of the Papacy From Two Different Angles The feasts of the Dedication of St. John Lateran, and the Chair of Peter celebrate ...

Helping Children Make Sense of Unanswered Prayer Like adults, children are pained and puzzled when their prayers are unanswered

What to Do If Audited By the IRS — Part II

What to Do If Audited By the IRS — Part II If the auditor finds an unsubstantiated deduction, he will disallow it and recompute ...

Back to our Roots

Back to our Roots John Paul II’s Catecheses on the Diaconate — Part One

Signs of New Life

Signs of New Life For years people seemed to believe that the religious life was dead

Priest Talk for November, 2010

Priest Talk for November, 2010 Removing the Asbestos (aka Volunteers)


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