Blessed to be ‘Uncle Father’

Blessed to be ‘Uncle Father’ Ministering to our own families has unique joys

‘St. Ignatius of Loyola’

‘St. Ignatius of Loyola’ Norton Simon Museum, California — c. 1620-22

The Yoke of Discipleship

The Yoke of Discipleship Unpacking the wisdom of Christ in Matthew 11:25-30

The Beauty of Collaboration

The Beauty of Collaboration Working together to build up the Church of tomorrow

The Belief of St. Thomas

The Belief of St. Thomas How Christ used the ‘doubting’ apostle’s hesitancy for our good

The Priest is In

The Priest is In Priests often are called to support their flocks in times of need. Here’s some advice ...

Fill Your Cup This Summer

Fill Your Cup This Summer During the slower months, find what inspires you

Minister to Yourself

Minister to Yourself To better live our vocations, we must indulge our own passions

The Spirit of St. Benedict

The Spirit of St. Benedict Priests can learn much from the saint’s monastic Rule

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