Blessed to be ‘Uncle Father’

Blessed to be ‘Uncle Father’ Ministering to our own families has unique joys

5 Tips for Framing Prayers

5 Tips for Framing Prayers As priests, we must be well-prepared for spontaneous prayer

Offer Your Sighs to Mary

Offer Your Sighs to Mary The Blessed Virgin understands our challenges and weariness

Running with Joy

Running with Joy This Easter, let us be quick to spread the Good News of Christ

The Power of Words

The Power of Words What we say can be a source of good or cause lasting damage

The Power of the Priesthood

The Power of the Priesthood Acting in the person of Christ comes with great responsibility

New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals In 2018, make a commitment to tend to the pillars of formation

Blessed Distractions

Blessed Distractions Interruptions can be difficult, but also opportunities for grace

Bless Our Souls

Bless Our Souls November reminds us to cooperate toward our own salvation

The Blessing of Pets

The Blessing of Pets Animals have the ability to offer us joy and companionship


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