Focus Pastoral Attention

Focus Pastoral Attention God is the keystone on which we must place our policies to inspire and nurture vocations

Hatred and Merciful Love

Hatred and Merciful Love Is there a place for a religion of hate?

Get Involved

Get Involved Don’t let hard-earned rights and values be torn away

God’s Mercy — and Love

God’s Mercy — and Love Homily Background for Second Sunday of Easter: Divine Mercy Sunday - Year C

Christ’s Love for Us All

Christ’s Love for Us All Homily Background for Third Sunday of Easter - Year C

Stay the Course

Stay the Course Homily Background for Fourth Sunday of Easter - Year C

Charity Is Beyond Justice

Charity Is Beyond Justice Homily Background for Fifth Sunday of Easter - Year C

Patience in the Office

Patience in the Office The Year of Mercy and Lent are reminders to be merciful to all

Thirst and Awareness

Thirst and Awareness Two works of mercy to focus on this month