Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II A holiness that knew no boundaries

Pope John XXIII

Pope John XXIII Beyond the myths

The Incarnation (Part II)

The Incarnation (Part II) The mystery of how Jesus is God and man at the same time

The Joy of the Gospel

The Joy of the Gospel Homily Background for Third Sunday of Easter - Year A

Trust God

Trust God Homily Background for Fourth Sunday of Easter/Mother's Day - Year A

Called to Be ‘Living Stones’

Called to Be ‘Living Stones’ Homily Background for Fifth Sunday of Easter - Year A

Joy of the Gospel

Joy of the Gospel Homily Background for Sixth Sunday of Easter - Year A

‘Go, Therefore …’

‘Go, Therefore …’ Homily Background for The Ascension of the Lord - Year A

Pope Francis on Diakonia

Pope Francis on Diakonia Lenten message focuses on the nature of poverty itself and our response to it


Priesthood ‘Do this in memory of Me’ includes the ungraced moments as well as the graced


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