Mass Readings: Jeremiah 26:1-9/Matthew 13:54-58

Outside Expert

When I was just beginning my career as a Catholic journalist, I was pretty proud of myself. I remember coming home with a paycheck one Friday and bragging to my little son, asking, “So what do you think of your dad, an editor?” “Great,” said Patrick, “but I wish you were a pizza delivery man.”

That put me in my place. In today’s Gospel, the people of Nazareth didn’t get excited about their hometown Jesus being anything special either. In fact, “they took offense at him.” So He ended up doing His mighty deeds where the people were not so lacking in faith. We see this in the business world. Companies often choose to put their faith in outsiders as experts. As Jesus put it, “a prophet is not without honor except in his native place. ”

Prayer: Jesus, You are the teacher I need most.