Mass Readings: Exodus 34:4b-6, 8-9/2 Corinthians 13:11-13/ John 6:16-18

God Is Love

Great Christian theologians, including Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, have written learned treatises about the Trinity. In the end, however, this dogma concerning God can’t be adequately explained; it is an article of faith. Yet, understanding how God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — lives and manifests himself is indeed understandable, for God is love. Salvation History speaks of God’s love for His people. God walked with the Israelites in their journey to the Promised Land. Raising Salvation History to its apex, God sent Jesus into the world, as St. John says, so that all who would believe in Him would find eternal life.

A rational explanation of the Trinity isn’t possible, but God’s love is not only possible, it surrounds us every day. This Trinity Sunday, let’s bask in the warmth of God’s love.

Prayer: God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — wrap me in Your love today and always.