Mass Readings: Acts 11:21b-26;13:1-3/Matthew 5:17-19

Working for Jesus

Judas’ betrayal of Jesus and his subsequent suicide left a vacancy in the “family” of the twelve apostles. Acts 1:15-26 tells us that Barnabas was chosen to take Judas’ place. As today’s first reading indicates, Barnabas became a companion with St. Paul on his famous missionary journeys. He became a frontline soldier, a vital worker in promoting the Gospel message of Jesus.

We continue the work of the apostles today in our daily lives by championing the cause of Jesus. We may be asked to act or speak in His name; we may be called upon to go somewhere or do something that we didn’t expect. Barnabas was open to the call of Christ and so too must we who bear the name Christian. The privilege of Christianity requires being responsible as well.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, keep me close to You in my daily efforts to live by faith.