Mass Readings: 1 Kings 17:7-16/Matthew 5:13-16

Witnessing to Others

We’ve all heard the expression that “actions speak louder than words.” Often we’re disheartened when an individual professes a grand idea but can’t live out the dream described. Setting a proper example and witnessing to what we truly believe can be so hard, especially today with multiple ideas, ideologies, and opinions that compete for our loyalty. Each states it is the proper, and best, way to act.

But our Christian faith teaches us clearly that, as today’s Gospel says, we must be salt and light to our world. Salt enhances what we eat and thus we must enrich our world. Light provides direction; we’re called to point people toward God. Let’s accept the challenge of Jesus to be that salt and that light, and to draw those around us one step closer to the Kingdom of God.

Prayer: Christ Jesus, help me always to point people toward You and life eternal.