'Great American Catholics' series provides tasty bites of history

Re: “A new breed of bishop for the 19th century” (Faith, Feb. 2).

For those who like their history of the American Catholic Church in smaller tasty bites, Russell Shaw’s “Great American Catholics” series is just the healthy repast. The earlier article on Archbishop John Carroll and the most recent one on New York Archbishop John Hughes easily satisfy the “minimum daily requirement” for a healthy Roman Catholic dietary regimen. Kudos to Russell Shaw.

Sister Marianne Postiglione, RSM, St. Louis, Mo.

A downward spiral

Re: “A violent status quo” (Editorial, Feb. 9).

Since 1973, when the Supreme Court proclaimed the unborn child a fetus and said it was OK to kill it in the womb, our nation has continued on a downward spiral of disrespect for human life. The definition does not change the realization in people’s minds that we are ending a human life. Without a respect for the most innocent of human life, how can we expect people to have respect for their own life or that of others? Until we can turn the corner and once again love and respect the most innocent of human lives, we will continue to spiral downward.

Dale R. Knapp, Seville, Ohio

Act of the desperate

Re: “Outlook for pro-life laws optimistic, but plenty of work ahead” (News Analysis, Jan. 19).

The statistics in the sidebar best illustrate that desperate people do desperate things, and that abortion will be with us as long as those who “have less” and “have nothing” are with us. Indeed, as has always been the case, in their desperation they will continue to be pushed toward the remedy of abortion whether or not it is legal.

We among the population of those who “have” and “have more” are being entreated by Pope Francis to see the world as it is and bring new thinking to alleviate the desperation of those who “have less” and “have nothing,” especially when they are fellow believers. 

Nick Lucas, Richmond, Va.

Naive clergymen

Re: “Policy shift opens door for alternative groups” (News Analysis, Feb. 2).

Concerning Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone’s and Father Dennis O’Rourke’s support of the Boy Scouts’ new policy concerning gay members, all I can say is that the two clergymen are very naive about what is going on in our society. Time will show how wrong those clergymen are. But the lives of many boys will be hurt in the meantime.

Frank Johnson, Winter Park, Fla.

More social media use

Re: “Priests navigate ‘the digital continent” (News Analysis, Feb. 9).

Social media presents us with a real opportunity to reach those Catholics who have fallen away from the Church. We need to use it more.

Theodore Seeber, Via online comments

Let us face the reality that we cannot ignore the new (digital world) frontier of our mandate as Christian faithful to the call of our Redeemer:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age” (Mt 28:19-20).

Carlos M. Gopez Jr., North Hollywood, Calif.

On divorce, Medicaid

Re: “Ethics of divorce” (Pastoral Answers, Feb. 2).

I must disagree with Msgr. Charles Pope’s view on “ethics of divorce.”

Our government looks to save money by cutting Medicaid benefits any way they can. So why shouldn’t a person look for a loophole in the system so as to have comfort in their senior years?

God knows a person’s intent is not to dissolve a marriage because what God has joined together is not dissolved by words. A person is only looking out for oneself, something our government fails to do, if they can.

Craig Galik, Duquesne, Pa.


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