Don’t divide Catholics

Re: “With recent papal document, was an opportunity lost?” (Essay, Dec. 29).

I am generally a fan of Russell Shaw, but think that his recent column perpetuates a Catholic divide that simply does not exist for most of us. I believe that most faithful, practicing Catholics do not neatly fit into being either pro-life or pro-social justice — we are both! 

What we do object to is turning our social justice obligations over to the government. Why would we want to do that, any more than we would want the government to be responsible for evangelizing the Catholic Faith? 

If you want to know how the government provides justice, just study the history of how the Bureau of Indian Affairs “helped” the Indians. Or how they are administering all current social programs. Alarming!

Dave Maxwell, Adrian, Mich.

A lack of communication

Re: “Rush to judgment” (God Lives, Dec. 29).

I always say most of the world’s problems are lack of communication. In this case it is the liberal media making sure the communication is garbled so the people don’t hear the truth.

I listen to Rush Limbaugh all the time. Do you know that most of the time he starts his show with “talent on loan from God,” and he has explained that if it wasn’t for God he would not be here. How often has the media credited God for their success?

When the “media” reported that Pope Francis said that capitalism is so unjust in America, Limbaugh pointed out that if the pope had truly said that he did not understand economics.

I always find it interesting that in the Bible Jesus did not go to the people in power and tell them to take the rich man’s money away from him and give to the poor. Jesus said that you, not someone else, must help your brother.

Jerome Jirak, Via email

Allegation unfair

The Msgr. Owen F. Campion commentary on the Rush Limbaugh comments on Pope Francis reads like he heard what Limbaugh said from a biased source.

It might be worth the effort to access the Limbaugh website and listen to his comments directly.

Limbaugh did not address the moral nor religious aspect of socialism. He was dealing with the financial component of socialism. He was pointing out that capitalism produces the profits that allow employers to provide jobs to the workers in our society.

He also emphatically stated that the United States of America is the most generous country in the world, the direct result of our capitalist economy. It should be noted that the Catholic Church is totally dependent on donations to sustain its mission and only people and organizations with income can donate.

This allegation of Limbaugh as the “biased media” is unfair and apparently uninformed.

He is not a Catholic, but his attitudes are more supportive of concern for the poor than many “advocates” who make a good living in the professional advocacy field.

Charles J. Lemont, Shelby Township, Mich.

Limbaugh on capitalism

My understanding of Limbaugh’s comments is that he supports “capitalism” as applied in the United States but that it is currently being perverted by the current federal regime in D.C.

Limbaugh believes only “capitalism” can create wealth. To succeed, capitalism needs low taxes and less government regulation.

L. Curley, Dearborn, Mich.

Reviving leadership

Re: “A thirst for leadership” (Editorial, Dec. 22).

While it is true that “the world thirsts for a Mandela, a Gandhi, a Pope Francis, a Mother Teresa, [a Jesus] to remind us what true leaders look like,” let me thank you guys for reviving in this editorial the leadership of these unforgettable and honest leaders.

This is most definitely one way to quench the thirst for leadership. We need to be reminded constantly of what we can do, especially when we model our lives after these great leaders.

Julio Nelson Ventura, Amarillo, Texas

Work in Haiti

Re: “Hope for Haiti” (In Focus, Jan. 12).

I am a Haitian-American, and I came [to the United States] when I was 10 years old.

What I love about (the Haitian people) is our ability to rise no matter what our circumstances are.

Last year I went to Haiti. The misery was (everywhere) yet I received hospitality. As a result, I was compelled to help three different families by sending money to them every month. The reward is priceless.

Edgire Sanon, Via email

Resist evil

Re: “Religion in public,” (Editorial, Jan. 5).

The past few decades have witnessed the rise of secular humanism, moral relativism and “political correctness,” all of which have undermined freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

Because I believe the teachings of Jesus regarding sin, I can now be labeled a bigot! The evil one has more than a toe-hold on our society, and we must pray mightily for the strength to resist this evil propaganda and to untiringly, lovingly proclaim the truth.

Rebecca Taylor, El Cajon, Calif.