Mass Readings: 1 Kings 8:22-23,27-30/Mark 7:1-13

Majoring in Majors

Solomon knew the score when he confessed right at the outset that it was all about God’s gracious humility and not about the fine points of legalism. The astonishing thing about the Temple was not the finery of its decorations or ceremonies, but the fact that the God whom the universe itself cannot contain would deign to dwell there for Israel’s sake. A thousand years later, that same God had to remind the Pharisees who had forgotten this that they were majoring in minors: In their pride, they were placing the rules and regulations over the love of God and neighbor.

I can relate. I often create little traditions for myself. Traditions are fine — just so long as they don’t get more important than God. When they do, they’re idols to be destroyed.

Prayer: Father, let nothing come between me and the love of You and my neighbor.