Mass Readings: Isaiah 58:7-10/1 Corinthians 2:1-5/Matthew 5:13-16

‘You Are the Light of the World’

Light doesn’t do us a lot of good until it bounces off something and hits our eyes. We speak of “seeing” broad daylight, but the truth is you can’t see broad daylight because the sun is too bright to see. We don’t usually do more than glimpse the sun. What we really do is look at everything else in its light.

Lots of people are looking for the light of God. But none of us can see Him directly in this life. What we see is His light coming through the stained glass of our lives or bouncing off of other things such as our works of love for other people. To do one act of love for another person is to let the light of God into a dark world.

Prayer: Jesus, help us to do the good works of love You do.