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In last week’s In Focus, writer Sarah Reinhard detailed dozens of amazing, faithful websites in “Untangling the Catholic Web.” She gave you her favorite Catholic blogs, news sources, sites for apologetics and podcasts and much more.

After we put the story on, you began flooding the comments section with your own favorites, providing us with many more resources for building and supporting our faith. To see all of these reader submissions, and to send us to your own personal favorite sites, go to the story online at

More ‘favorites’

Re: “Untangling the Catholic Web” (In Focus, June 15).

Great article! You could start a whole new round of suggestions with “Favorite ministry/liturgical support sites.”

Jan Schiller, via email

Words of wisdom

Re: “Catholic musicians staying true to the Faith” (News Analysis, June 1).

C.S. Lewis was asked if the world needs more Christian writers.

He said, “The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature.”

Certainly, he would approve the efforts of these musicians who are Catholic you’ve highlighted here.

Phil Steinacker, via online comments

Refreshing read

Re: “Celebrate the merry, Mary and joyful month of May” (Openers, May 4).

Thank you for inspiring me to resume keeping a journal. My high school guidance counselor advised it 50 years ago.

The promotion of joy in your column was welcome to parched eyes. It was like hearing about the unspoken kingdom of heaven.

William L. Bailey, Portland, Oregon

Life-changing priests

Re: “Your priests, your praise” (In Focus, June 1).

Your feature prompts me to tell you of three priests who changed my life: Jesuit Father Gene Shaw, Marquette University, who taught me to read for knowledge and to love learning; Father Fred Westendorf, Fort Wayne, Indiana, who taught me that men see Christ best in other men; and Father Ralph Larson, Fort Wayne, who taught me that Christ’s love is the giving of yourself for the good of others. Only to Jesus and Mary do I owe more than I owe to those three priests of God.

Otto M. Bonahoom, via email

Beware of ‘false teachers’

Re: “Cardinal Müller criticizes leaders of LCWR” (News Analysis, May 25).

It is truly sad that religious communities of women in the U.S. are opening themselves to false concepts that “lead to fundamental errors regarding Church doctrine.” While freedom of speech is an American value, the Catholic Church has a hierarchy, instituted by Jesus Christ. Jesus also has words for teachers of children (cf. Mt 18:5, Lk 17:1-2) and this OSV article illustrates the fact that today, especially, parents have particular reason to be concerned that their children not fall under the influence of “false teachers” (2 Pt 2:1).

Pamela T. Haines, St. Petersburg, Florida

Blessed by visit

Re: “Shrine of Christ’s Passion is monumental” (Faith, April 20).

My husband and I took a day to visit the shrine recently and were overwhelmed by what we saw! The volunteers were so helpful, telling us the story behind the construction of the shrine and St. John the Evangelist Church. We walked the Way of the Cross, guided by audio boxes at each station. It was a blessed day, and we are encouraging everyone we know to visit the shrine.

Christine T. Anderson, Portage, Michigan
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