Learning gratitude

In our modern culture, the month of November marks the beginning of the fall and winter holidays – Thanksgiving, Advent and eventually Christmas.
When I talk to parents in parishes throughout the country, I hear two common concerns about this time of year:
1) How do we make sure our Catholic faith is the center of our holiday celebrations, and
2) How do we help our children learn to be grateful (rather than spoiled or selfish)?
Gratitude is learned and the activities here can help kids (and all of us) remember to count our blessings.

May God bless your family in this season of Saints and Thanksgiving!

November at a Glance (PDF): Download here.


  • Grades K-5: A Thanksgiving Prayer and activities.  Say this prayer together and choose one of the Thanksgiving activities to complete together.  Help children recognize all the things they have to be thankful for in their lives. Download here.
    Grades 6 and up: Thanksgiving History: read the entry and have kids make the recipe for cranberry sauce to share at Thanksgiving dinner. Download here.

Saint of the Month

November 14: St. Frances. Download here.


Veterans Day is November 11.  Help kids honor those who served or are currently serving our country using these activities. Download here.

Lifelong Catechesis

Activities online at the Lifelong Catechesis page.