Suffer, Die and Rise?

Q. I have been Catholic all my life. In the past dozen years I have been reading the Bible carefully, and my questions are these. I cannot find anywhere the statement that the Christ must suffer, die and rise on the third day. Even in the Creed there is the statement that it is according to the Scriptures. I can’t find it. There are statements in the Gospel, however these are ex post facto.

Donald, via email

A. Here’s a reply from TCA columnist Father Ray Ryland, Ph.D., J.D:

The clearest prophetic passage regarding the sacrificial death and resurrection of the Messiah is the fourth Suffering Servant song in Isaiah 52:13—53:12. In seeking biblical basis for the creedal words “in accordance to the Scriptures,” the Gospel accounts cannot be dismissed as “ex post facto.” Read again Matthew 16:21, 17:22-23 and 20:17-19. Here are three promises by the Son of God that His death and resurrection on the third day will take place. The Gospels further report in detail that these promises were carried out. The creedal phrase “in accordance to the Scriptures” is not recorded in Scripture. Its purpose is to sum up scriptural teaching about the life, death and resurrection of Our Lord.