Mass Readings: Acts 20:17-27/John 17:1-11a

Commitment to Christ

The 19th-century Ugandan martyrs, Charles Lwanga and companions, willingly died that the name of Jesus and His teachings could continue to spread among the people of their land. Like St. Paul, who in his missionary journeys willingly suffered in order to rightly and adequately preach the word, the Ugandan martyrs didn’t question their commission from the Lord to carry out their role of evangelization.

We, the contemporary disciples of Jesus, have the responsibility to preach the word, even with the realization that it won’t be easy. God will give us the strength to persevere if we’re willing to fulfill our baptismal commitment and to follow our common call to make God better known, loved, and served. Let’s do what we can to meet the challenge this day.

Prayer: Christ Jesus, grant me the grace of perseverance to always following in Your footsteps.